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Compounding is the practice of creating a personalized medication that is tailored to an individual person’s needs. With a prescription from your doctor, the specially trained and licensed pharmacists at our pharmacy can change dosage strength, adjust dosage form to a more comfortable application or combine medications to help achieve better results and compliance.


Our pharmacists have been specially trained to prepare customized medications to meet your unique needs. We work with providers, veterinarians, and other members of the healthcare team to find your perfect fit while maintaining the highest safety standards.

We are a proud member of Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA). This membership allows us to offer high-quality compounding products and tested formulations developed by a network of experts in the field.


Your skin is your body's largest—and most visible—organ. But it’s also often an afterthought. When skin issues flare up, don’t put them on the back burner. Take care of them the right way, right away.


From a pregnant woman with stretch marks and a baby with diaper rash to teenagers with acne and adults with wrinkles, we offer compounding solutions for a variety of skin conditions to help you keep your skin healthy and looking radiant.

woman with back acne
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Hormone Replacement

Millions of people experience some form of hormonal imbalance at some point in their lives. Unbalanced hormones can affect more than just your mood; they can cause a host of unpleasant symptoms, including weight gain, hot flashes, infertility, and low energy. Though this affects many, no two cases are the same — which is why each person needs unique treatment. That's where compounded hormone replacement therapy (HRT) comes into play.

HRT works by following the chemical structure of human hormones, so your body recognizes them and allows them to mimic the function of your own hormones. This process helps your body regain its proper balance and helps you get back to living life on your terms.

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Along with other strategies, medication is often needed to treat and overcome the main challenges of autism (social skills, repetitive behavior, and communication) as well as other symptoms associated with the condition. However, there are not many FDA-approved drugs on the market to address these concerns.

Compounding can help find a targeted treatment for each individual case. Some therapies include addressing gut health, irritation, or insomnia tied to autism. Other needs could include gluten-free or casein-free preparations of certain medications.


Each person's mouth is unique, and the concerns relating to oral and dental care are unique, too. From common concerns to highly-specific ones, each patient can benefit from dental compounding. Compounding allows for a change in dosing or form to treat each issue on a case-by-case basis.


From canker sores or dry sockets to thrush or even anxiety about going to the dentist, we work closely with our patients and their dentist to develop a personalized treatment plan that will optimize the care — and the results.

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Every parent knows that kids don’t always take their medicine well. They don’t feel well, and bad-tasting or hard-to-swallow medicine makes everything worse.

Make med time less of a chore for you and less of a nightmare for your child with pediatric compounding! We work closely with your pediatrician to find a delivery method or flavor that is more acceptable to your little one, such as a lollipop, a lozenge, or even a topical gel that can be administered through skin absorption.


Pain is the most common complaint reported when seeking medical treatment. Whether it's short-lived or chronic, physical or neuropathic, living with pain shouldn't be something you have to accept. Because patients vary in size, symptom, and pain tolerance, and the pain itself varies in location and degree, it's important that treatment varies, too.

Compounding offers an alternative to traditional oral medications by formulating relief through high concentrations of localized topical treatment. Because the solution is being delivered exactly where the pain it, it has the potential to cut down on the amount of medication needed and reduce side effects normally experienced with oral options. 

close-up of foot stretching exercises
closeup of woman with knee replacement surgery


We put a lot of pressure on our feet, and we often take them for granted until they start to ache. Foot ailments can range from an annoying itch to an extreme pain, and conditions like diabetes and arthritis can make foot problems worse.


With podiatry compounding, your feet are in good hands. Whether you need targeted relief through a high-concentrated topical cream or an oral solution that will deliver medicine through the bloodstream, we will find a convenient and efficient solution to your concern.

Scar Care

When there is a wound, a scar is soon to follow — it's a natural part of the healing process as a way to build strength around the broken tissue. The time that it takes to heal varies by wound and by person, and over-the-counter medicines can help the process by keeping bacteria out.

But OTC options are not very effective at getting rid of the scar once the wound is healed. Compounding, however, can help during the healing process as well as help address inflammation, pain, and discoloration of the scar. Whether you're facing a surgical scar, burn, stretch mark, or something else, compounding may be the solution for you.

Sexual Dysfunction

Sex is physically good for both men and women, raising the heart rate, releasing endorphins, and even giving your brain a boost. On the flip side, sexual dysfunction can affect both men and women; low libido can have a range of causes: physical factors could include age-related hormone decline, lack of exercise, or low blood flow, and mental factors could include depression, heightened stress, or other mental disorders. Your living environment and your medication regimen can also affect your sex drive.

Sexual dysfunction manifests differently by sex and by individual. In men, the typical symptom is erectile dysfunction; women often experience vaginal dryness, making intercourse uncomfortable and even painful. Through compounding, we can help each individual address the underlying concerns in order to treat sexual dysfunction.

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woman with sinus pain


Whether you are facing short-term sinus issues or you deal with chronic sinus infections, the pain can make it hard to go through your day. Sinus infections can cause anything from congestion and loss of smell to discharge and coughing; they can also lead to painful facial pressure for days or even weeks. Sinusitis has a variety of causes, from the common cold and allergies to fungal exposure and environmental irritants. Dry sinus passages can also be a contributing factor, whether from the environment, medication, or even lack of hydration.

Compounding can address the root cause of your sinusitis and add soothing ingredients, all while eliminating the drying ingredients found in many over-the-counter solutions. Depending on the cause of the infection, we can also add in treatment to address an allergy, bacteria, inflammation, or fungus.

man with knee pain while on run
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It doesn't matter if you are an amateur or a professional — a sports injury can put you on the bench for a long time. When facing problems like inflammation, muscle spasms, hemorrhoids, or something else, it's important to deliver treatment to the affected area as efficiently as possible without all the side effects that come with many pain medications.

Compounding can give that relief while reducing the side effects by using a topical delivery method. We can work closely with your healthcare team to find the right combination of ingredients to treat the problem, reduce the pain, and alleviate the side effects.


Anyone who has pets knows that they are valued members of the family. And like any other family member or friend, we don’t like to see them hurting — but pets can't be reasoned with like humans can, so med time can be a battle.


If you've tried every trick in the book to give your pet their medicine, it may be time to try compounding. We can turn their meds into something they crave by improving taste and altering the delivery form. We can also adjust medication strength if needed or prepare a discontinued formula.

Medicated Lollipops

Do you have a hard time convincing your kids (or yourself) to take bad-tasting medicine? You aren't alone. Medicine that doesn't taste good is medicine that might not get taken...and then it's medicine that isn't doing its job.

We can compound oral medications to taste good! A tastier formulation can improve compliance with your medication regimen, and it can help eliminate waste, too.


Lollipops are a popular option when prescribed a "swish and swallow" medicine that is meant to be kept in the mouth for a period of time. This formulation is great for not only giving kids their meds but also addressing canker sores, chemotherapy-related mouth sores, oral thrush, and Sjögren's Syndrome.

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