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Traditional Dispensing

We are a full-service retail and compounding pharmacy, which means that we can help you with prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and much more!

Your health is our priority, and we are never too busy to answer any questions you may have. Plus, we accept most insurances and Medicare plans, so you know our help isn't going to break the bank.

prescription pill bottles


pharmcist holding COVID-19 vaccine vial


Getting vaccinated against preventable diseases is the best way to protect our community, especially because some of the most vulnerable often are not eligible for many vaccines. Let us help you protect your friends, family, and neighbors!


We are proud to offer a variety of vaccines, including flu, shingles, pneumonia, and COVID-19. We also offer travel vaccines for those going out of the country! Please call to schedule an appointment.

spoons with vitamins
woman with gauze bandage on hand


Even if you are leading a healthy lifestyle and eating right, you may still be lacking essential vitamins and minerals. This is especially true if you are taking maintenance medications for chronic conditions.

Give your system a boost! We stock affordable, quality products to give your body the boost it needs to stay healthy. Not all vitamins are right for everyone, but we can help you identify which ones could benefit you the most.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Wound Care

Not all wounds can be healed properly with a simple bandage. When you're dealing with hard-to-heal wounds, we can help!

We offer products that are suited for addressing a range of concerns, including irritations, ulcerations, burns and more. We've got the right product for your wound — talk to our team about which ones we'd recommend for you.

Point of Care Testing

When you don't feel well, the last thing you want to do is sit in a waiting room and then drive across town to pick up a medication. When you don't feel good or when you have symptoms of flu, COVID-19, or strep, come by Rose Pharmacy and get tested. We have most results within 15 minutes, and you can get any needed meds or supplies in the same stop! Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are welcome.

pharmacist reviewing with patients

Medication Reviews

Whether your regimen includes a short-term prescription or has multiple maintenance medications, making sense of it all can be challenging. Let us help you understand with a medication review.


We will work with you to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of how, when, and why you should take your medicine. We can also check for drug interactions, work to decrease side effects, and answer any questions you may have.

Med Sync

Say goodbye to endless pharmacy trips each month, and say hello to med sync! With medication synchronization, your medication regimen works with your schedule.

Choose a day each month that works best for you, and we will have your medications refilled and ready for you to pick up!

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Alternative Medicine

As a pharmacy, we know the power of commercially-available medicine. As a compounding pharmacy, we know the necessity of customized medications as a solution when what's available commercially won't work.

We also know the side effects medicine can cause, and the dangers of over-prescribing and over-using those medications. And we know the value of not having to take those medicines anymore through lifestyle changes that address the root cause of your health concern.


Whether you're tired of dealing with nasty side effects, tried all the supplements that didn't fix the problem, or you're just not wanting to have to take your medication for the rest of your life, exploring alternative medicine may be the next step for you.


We would love to help you start that journey — talk to us and see if alternative medicine is a good fit for you.


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